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Greater Vancouver housing prices may prove resilient in spite of government intervention intended to cool the market and moderate price increases. Interfering in free market dynamics seldom has the desired effect long-term. At any rate, here is a brief synopsis of what has happened in residential real estate in the month of October 2016.

Detached Homes, Listings (1 mo. chg) / Sales (1 mo.

You can also see my most recent listing in Kitsilano MLS#R2113623 following this link:

R2113623 Townhouse 2128 Larch Street

THE NUMBERS ARE OUT for September real estate activity in Greater Vancouver. Vancouver West is showing a trend to slower Buyer activity. However, market inventory continues very low and desirable properties continue to attract serious Buyers sustaining prices.

There are just a few more days until Halloween 2015. Children are excitable, and getting excited.

It's here. We put up our little over-winter greenhouse last weekend to protect our potted plants over the winter. It was cold, wet and windy. Now is the time, for those of us who have left it this late, to take care of the 'prepare for winter" checklist.

There are many articles and blogs on the topic, so rather than me being redundant I'll just remark on the condition of winter.

Water damage is the key issue. As temperatures drop and precipitation gathers in any place it can, the potential for damage increases.

Water finds its way into cracks in stucco, concrete and stone.

Hot and dry. Nice, but there are consequences.

In 2015 the rainfall for Vancouver since January 1 through June 24 is 135.6mm less (21.5% less precipitation) than the same period in 2014, comparing 631.5mm (2014) with 495.9mm this year.

The more remarkable comparison is comparing the three months April 1 through June 24 this year to 2014.

Is your garage everything it can be? Is it contributing to the value of your home, financially or in any way contributing to your enjoyment?

Most garages I see in a given week while evaluating homes for Sellers, touring agent opens, or taking my Buyers through prospective properties are under utilized. I am an automotive enthusiast of sorts, it’s true. But what argument can there be to use square footage of a home for nothing more than parking the cars and storage? It is a room of your home.

Are we tired of summer yet? Not likely.

For many the past few months have been a whirl of hot, sunny weather and the fun activities associated with hot, sunny weather. The drought conditions and terrible forest fires, however, together with suffering creatures in the wild have been on the opposite side of the balance sheet.

As members of our communities we bear a share of the responsibility to keep the community whole and healthy, and the wild creatures are a part of our community.

10% increase to our provincial sales tax!!!

Audacity: Noun; boldness or daring, especially with confident or arrogant disregard for personal safety, conventional thought, or other restrictions.

Please vote as you see fit in the upcoming Translink Mayors plebiscite. The Mayors and Translink intend to increase our provincial sales tax by 10%, from 5% to 5.5%.

This is intended to be in addition to funds from existing taxes, subsidies and fees already enjoyed by Translink. Read the fuel pump the next time you fill up.

A concert to support * North Shore Search & Rescue.

Yours truly is a member of the * North Shore Community Music Association. Our band is Jazz Connexion, a band with a rich history featuring many accomplished musicians.

Come all. I've been involved with the Edgemont Village Show & Shine in one way or another since its beginning. It has become one of the best community auto events in Canada, featuring over 150 cars of many descriptions including hot rods, customs, vintage, collector cars and specialty vehicles.

This car event is open to all vehicle makes and models.

From 7:00am until 4:00pm the event closes Edgemont Blvd to regular vehicle traffic from Queens Rd to Connaught Crescent, and Highland Blvd between Woodbine Drive and Newmarket Drive.

On Saturday, May 3 Janice & I, along with fifty-or-so other neighbourhood prowlers took part in the 2014 Burnaby North Jane's Walk. If you have not taken part in a Jane's Walk previously you may want to slot it into your calendar for next year. Most communities have a Jane's Walk on the first Saturday in May.

The namesake for the outing is Jane Jane Jacobs. She was an activist with an interest in city planning and author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

When I was a young carpenter framing houses, wall studs were spaced at 16" while drywall and plywood panels came in 48" by 96" dimensions. The relation is 3 spaces between 4 wall studs providing vertical support for each 48"panel.

This economy of material and labour came from designers in the 1950's. Architect Ned Pratt was a west coast architect who was a part of the west coast regionalists who created modern post-and-beam homes. These homes were inexpensive to build and featured clean, well-proportioned lines with open and bright living space inside.

As Google has notified us on March 20, 2014, it is the first day of spring. I was first notified (awakened), however, by the gentle honk of returning geese this morning. Very nice.

Equinox, roughly translated from Latin as 'equal nights' marks the two times of the year when the days and nights are the same length of time...something to do with the 23 degree tilt of our planet's axis. Very complicated and big.

Closer to our daily routine...By now I hope everyone has rousted the skunks from any too-close-to-the-house lairs, before they are in a 'family way'.

Our communities are shaped by their people, their natural features and the history of human and natural events occurring within their boundaries.

There is a story developing in North Vancouver around the future of the Flamborough Head Victory Ship. The stern of this historically important ship is currently secured in a temporary cradle on the North Vancouver waterfront.

I was struck recently by something I heard on the 2013 Canadian Walk of Fame television broadcast. One of the presenters, while introducing an award winner spoke of his own experience while traveling to a foreign country. He met an older man, possibly a priest or monk.