Communities and Their Heritage

Our communities are shaped by their people, their natural features and the history of human and natural events occurring within their boundaries.

There is a story developing in North Vancouver around the future of the Flamborough Head Victory Ship. The stern of this historically important ship is currently secured in a temporary cradle on the North Vancouver waterfront. It was supposed to be a landmark for a National Maritime Museum which has failed to materialize.

The stern of the HMS Flamborough Head was built at North Vancouver's Burrard Dry Dock and launched in 1944 (70 years ago this year) and is the last remaining artifact from the 300 or so Victory Ships built in BC. The North Shore Heritage Preservation Society is energetically rallying support to halt the dismantling of the stern while the City of North Vancouver has already commissioned work to begin on the dismantling project.

Seventy five concerned citizens voiced their concern over the loss of the landmark on Saturday, January 18, 2014. There is an on-line petition if you would like to learn more about the issue or voice your concern. The City of North Vancouver has its reasons for the decision to dismantle the stern, of course, mostly it seems around the costs and liabilities arising from the public feature. It's interesting to consider the views of the sides in this.

To learn more simply search on-line for 'Flamborough Head Victory Ship'. There is quite a bit of information from all sides of the story.

The point here is, communities have history. You and I and everyone in our communities have a role in the future of our communities. Some neighbourhoods have stronger ties to the past than others, at least on the surface, but most communities have wonderful resources for anyone to research and discover.

Burnaby Public Library, for instance, offers an excellent community library system with active and resource-full library branches throughout Burnaby. The McGill Library, one of four libraries located in Burnaby, was a volunteer effort started in 1927 by Grace McGill and Col. Brown. The present library branch opened in 2001.

Wherever you live you will find resources to search and discover the history of your community.

Heritage is not the only community interest. Whatever your interest I hope you find the time to share it and promote it with your neighbours. There is no shortage of others who enjoy getting together, sharing and living well in your community. It's just a matter of getting out and being interested. Have fun and pass it on.