I was struck recently by something I heard on the 2013 Canadian Walk of Fame television broadcast. One of the presenters, while introducing an award winner spoke of his own experience while traveling to a foreign country. He met an older man, possibly a priest or monk. They got into a discussion, and the speaker began to explain his own perspective on the importance of people to make the effort to leave our home planet Earth in a better condition than when we lived here, for the benefit of our children who will inherit our legacy.

The holy man replied his opinion with the question, why are people so concerned with the state of the planet for the benefit of their children, while so little concern seems to be shown for the state of the children, for the benefit of the planet. The Earth will take care of itself if we will take responsibility for our children.

Just a thought I feel is worth forwarding.

Have a great holiday and enjoy the community around you. It is full of challenges, responsibilities and joys for all.