Halloween Safety

There are just a few more days until Halloween 2015. Children are excitable, and getting excited. There are more children on the streets on Halloween evening in most neighbourhoods than on any other evening of the year.

Parents, pay attention to the materials used in the costumes - be sure they are not flammable, or the design of the costume will not trip up or distract the trick-or-treaters.

On Halloween evening we all need to put down those distracting mobile devices and pay attention to the children, teenagers and adults on the street.

On Halloween evening we need to let our young daughters and sons know how to stay safe:

  • Face paint is safer than a mask.

  • Don't run into the street, look both ways and always cross at an intersection.

  • Make contact with a vehicle's driver before making a move into the street, be sure the driver sees you.

  • Stick to the sidewalk wherever possible, and be careful of cars coming out when crossing driveways.

  • Don't eat the treats they collect before an adult has gone through the loot, looking for dangers and very unhealthy choices.

  • Carry a light stick or flashlight, wear reflective tape, be seen.

  • Have fun, and help your friends have fun, too.

  • Don't walk alone...always be part of a group and stick close together.

  • Don't wear headphones. Be alert to your surroundings.

Parents, if you are so inclined, perhaps you can Tweet and Pin and otherwise share some of these ideas to your friends and followers on social media. Thanks for the efforts, and for being a part of the community.