Spring Is Sprung

As Google has notified us on March 20, 2014, it is the first day of spring. I was first notified (awakened), however, by the gentle honk of returning geese this morning. Very nice.

Equinox, roughly translated from Latin as 'equal nights' marks the two times of the year when the days and nights are the same length of time...something to do with the 23 degree tilt of our planet's axis. Very complicated and big.

Closer to our daily routine...By now I hope everyone has rousted the skunks from any too-close-to-the-house lairs, before they are in a 'family way'. Along with the returning warmth of the Sun we are faced with the need to manage the yard cleanup, window washing, vehicle detailing, alarm batteries replacement, bicycle chain & cable lubrication, and so-on. There are many good lists to follow as a guideline.

Don't forget to clean a couple of patio chairs where you'll rest with a favourite beverage and soak up those almost forgotten penetrating rays of Sunshine. Mmm-hmm.

Spring is a time to reconnect with the outdoors, and with the people in your community. It's also a very good opportunity to get out here with family, friends and neighbours at a favourite neighbourhood cafe or park, or watch the flowers bloom. Out of the house!!!

Spring is a good time to carry a notebook, artists' pad or recording device with you to make notes, drawings and keep track of your ideas and creativity. Inspiring signs of renewal are everywhere.

Speaking of inspiration, the TED Talks held in Vancouver last week featured many speakers on many subjects. The event brings together inspirational people to share their ideas, talk about their accomplishments and inspire those of us who get a kick out of inspiration.

One such TED Talk by Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates the quality and value of TED Talks. It also puts a universal perspective on 'Very big and complicated'. Here's a link http://www.ted.com/talks/chris_hadfield_what_i_learned_from_going_blind_in_space to Hadfield's recent TED Talk. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

While some surely will miss the snow on the mountain, and others will cry about productivity falling off, the seasons passing remains our great and inevitable clock. It measures the time of our life, but let's not let it govern the quality of our time.

Remember, only three months until the days begin getting shorter again as we begin the swing back to the Autumn Equinox, Here's to cherry blossoms, outdoor cafe tables, children in playgrounds and the season's first car shows. I hope you find whatever inspires you 'out here' in your community.