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This year the Giro di Burnaby continued to build its popularity in the lively North Burnaby community. If you've been you understand the feeling of watching riders from around the world competing, and the cool wind these racers stir in the faces of spectators lining the streets.

At the lead and tail of the race the pair of red Ferrari lead and follow the riders. There was a breakout of 11 riders about midway through the 1hour plus race, and the peloton came upon the leaders late to make it an exciting and close finish.

I highly recommend this annual event, if you're from Burnaby or not.

Every spring (all year actually) I follow cars, motorcycles and work towards the next rolling 'dream'. Why? I don't rightly know. But I am not alone. I'm one of a horde of restless souls who feel more comfortable on the road than at home. Well, maybe comfortable isn't the word to describe it. We're drawn to the road.

With the summer weather upon us we are finally enjoying long rides. Janice & I put on 120km on the bike last weekend just noodling around the lower mainland from Burnaby to Surrey to Steveston to Horseshoe Bay.

I was fortunate enough to have my career include a couple of years working with Harley-Davidson. During my time with Trev Deeley Motorcycles I attended a couple of H-D dealer shows, and at one in Orlando, FL I met and spoke with Willie G. Davidson.

We are by no means acquainted outside of being a couple of motorcycle enthusiasts who happened to meet at a motorcycle industry conference. As natural as it feels to saddle up to him, talk a bit and listen it's pretty clear Willie G. is the one, and I am one of the many.

Willie G.

"Bootsy Collins' Space Bass was one of the most exciting and challenging projects for the Warwick Custom Shop of the last two years. It’s custom design, highest quality materials, spectacular coating and 165 LEDs make this a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece of bass making. Bootsy received this outstanding instrument at this year's NAMM Show in Anaheim and was totally blown away. This bass guitar will now illuminate his gorgeous live shows and help him spread the Funk all over the world."

I copied the above release from the Warwick Monthly Newsletter for February 2012.

The City of Burnaby has adopted a social sustainability strategy developed over the past 15 months or so. Development of the strategy was guided by a steering committee chaired by Mayor Corrigan and 60 Burnaby citizens were formed into groups who gathered ideas and opinions from the greater community.

It is inherent in our nature to share and provide for others in our community more needy than ourselves. However, after decades of commercial consumerism and rising self-entitlement in our culture I sense many people in our society are unsure how much to give to worthwhile causes.

There is the question of organized fundraising. Many institutions, such as the BC Children's Hospital have succeeded in making their beneficiaries needs known, and have built a foundation of trust.

I prefer to write articles and opinions from the positive perspective. Sometimes, based on the subject I am covering it becomes a challenge to remain so, however, I always try to cross the finish line with a positive thrust.

This story is based on a recent experience of one of my Realtor colleagues. When I use the term colleague it infers a high degree of respect for their ethics and abilities in their profession.

In this instance my colleague was called late one evening (after 11:00pm) by another real estate agent asking to see a listing my Colleague had in Burnaby.

This month it has been a challenge to get this newsletter out, and I apoplogize for the lateness. I've been out in the community...working and playing.

I do want to continue to encourage my readers to continue to be active in, and aware of the world around us, and particularly in our own communities. It's how we make a difference and it beats complaining.

When we were children we really 'owned' our neighborhood. It was our world and we really knew our way around the streets, lanes, paths, schoolyards and parks.

Not only has Dave Schaub driven through 49 states covering 8,680 miles of road in his custom '32 roadster, he completed the trip in 7 days, 14 hours and 21 minutes. He left Kittery, Maine on September 10 and reached Hyder, Alaska on September 17 at 11:21am.

Why does a 61 year old hot rod enthusiast take on a challenge like this? In his words, “I’m creating an opportunity for people to get involved in helping others,” he said. “It’s my way of getting people with similar interests to step up and support something they can connect with and be proud they did.

Event: BCHRA members visit Ray-Cam CC

A good number of members from the BC Hot Rod Association (BCHRA) took time out of their days to visit and show their hot rods to a group of youth at Ray Cam Community Centre today (Wednesday, July 20, 2011), traveling in with their dream cars from North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, Abbotsford and other parts of the lower mainland.

There are two very good public automotive shows coming to the North Shore this Summer. First, on Sunday, July 17 from 10am until 4pm the Edgemont Village is closed to traffic and the streets will host the 2nd annual Edgemont Village Show & Shine featuring show cars of all makes, models and description. Last year's 1st annual was a huge success and I seem to remember over 120 vehicles were on display throughout the village.

With five wins left to bring the 2011 Stanley Cup home to Vancouver the city was a-buzz with optimism. The Canucks were about to put the finishing touches on the San Jose Sharks and I, for one was hoping we would see Boston in the finals (ooops).

"Well, it doesn't get much better than this". I thought. And I was right. Although, going up the first two games on Boston had me pumped. The Clarence Campbell Bowl is ours, and the Canucks showed us a great season. Thank you, team.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver invited representatives from the four national political parties to select the candidate they believed best equipped to address housing issues in Greater Vancouver and have them participate in a housing forum. The event took place April 21, 2011 in Burnaby and was moderated by Dave Watt, Past President of REBGV.

Each candidate spoke to questions from the board, and to several from those in attendance. In my opinion each candidate offered no surprises.

In 2009 I blogged about North Vancouver's sister city in Japan Chiba City is about 40 kilometers east of Tokyo, across Tokyo bay. Thankfully, the bay protected Chiba City from the open ocean. As a result Chiba City was much less affected, with no reported loss of life during the recent quakes and tsunami. Still, there is damage to many structures and many saw the pictures of the city's refinery fires immediately after the quake.

The Outlook newspaper in North Vancouver wrote an informative article about Chiba City after the quake.

The air is humid and clean. Take a few steps past the entrance and you are in another world, it seems. Birds can startle us as they dart past. Enormous palm and fig trees dwarf us as we meander the small swing bridge over a Koi pond fed by a waterfall. Flowers bloom endlessly and Macaws primp and engage visitors. We were fortunate enough to visit Art, the blue and gold Macaw (See photo) while he was 'engaging' passers by.

The interior of Vancouver's Bloedel Conservatory is a great contrast to our usual environment.