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Most Realtors® continue to work for their clients after the contract for purchase & sale is complete. After the enthusiasm and adventure of searching, doubting, deciding, tough negotiating and overcoming second thoughts are behind the buyer there comes the waiting for completion, adjustments and possession. This should be a period of preparation and detail planning. It is also a period for your Realtor® to not only be available (you still have our number, right?)...but to remain alert for any new information likely to affect your new home experience.

As an auto and motorcycle enthusiast I have come to appreciate Jay Leno's genuine enthusiasm and the expertise he has gained from his passion. Passion is its own reward. I hope you enjoy this embedded clip as much as I have, and may we take from it a renewed interest in anything which stirs us.

My wife and I recently spent an evening as part of a diverse audience witnessing the film "Requiem For A Dream" presented by Vancouver International Film Centre and their monthly "Cinema Salon" program. Once a month (February 2010 excepted), Melanie Friesen invites a distinguished guest to present his/her favourite film. After the screening, audiences and guests have the opportunity to discuss the film and enjoy drinks and snacks in the spacious lounge of VanCity Theatre. I recommend it.

This insect photographed in our backyard August 5, 2009. Do you know what it is, or know how we can find out what it is? The red and yellow markings on the black thorax are truly distinctive and magnificent. Can you tell I’m excited about this? Yes, the long black spear from the rear is attached, and if that’s a stinger…wow.

At least I believe it’s a wasp. I recently stepped on a bee and paid the pain you would expect. I was watering potted flowering plants in our back yard in my bare feet and our lawn is converting itself to clover and other local indigenous ground cover.

How about this heat wave? Many of us like to get away during the winter and swing seasons to tropical destinations for this kind of heat and Sun, but when we can’t get away from it, yeeesh. It’s hard enough to work and concentrate in this heat, but bigger concerns are for those whose health is at risk from the heat. Seniors in homes without air conditioning, kids who are left to play to exhaustion and heat stroke in the Sun, pets left in close spaces, and anyone with health problems exacerbated by the heat.

Our City of North Vancouver has a single sister city relationship with Chiba City, Japan. Chiba City is about 40 km east of Tokyo and is home to a population just under one million. While North Vancouver has only one sister city relationship, Chiba City has seven sister cities throughout the world, including North Vancouver, Houston Texas and Montreux, Switzerland. In 1950 Chiba Lotte Marines Baseball team was established at the same time as the Pacific Baseball League.

Motorcyclists & Hot-rodders raise awareness, money and spirits for young burn victims at the annual BC Professional Firefighters Burn Camp Picnic and Ride. Hundreds of volunteers make this July day one of the highlights of the camp. The kids get rides on motorcycles, in hot rods or in street rods of every description, while everyone eats hearty, thanks to the many merchants and benefactors who supply the kitchen, food and fun.