How Working With Friesen Benefits The Buyer

Here is a short list of benefits Ron offers his real estate buying clients. It is a good idea, as a buyer, to question and discuss each of these benefits with your REALTOR®, and expand upon how important each one is to you, in your circumstance. Look for straight forward and useful answers to your questions, and understand the value to you.

1.) As a licensed REALTOR®, his background in construction, and growing up a third generation real estate professional, Ron is a useful and reliable real estate adviser working on your side.

2.) Ron spends time each working day looking at what is happening, and analyzing what has happened in our real estate market. He stays up-to-date as possible on everything from industry statistics, legal updates, ethics issues, market activity, economic news, neighbourhood activities, development applications...anything affecting the value of real estate in this market.

3.) Ron visits homes for sale throughout North and West Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby. He sees the properties first-hand, talks with other REALTORs® and gets the 'feel' for active real estate inventory.

4.) Ron works with Macdonald Realty, one of the longest established and most respected real estate companies in Canada. Macdonald is a professional organization offering a complete set of tools required to provide our clients with the advantage in any circumstance buying or selling real estate. The company works very closely with each REALTOR® in their offices and provides much more value than a recognizable public image.

5.) As a REALTOR® Ron has early access to the MLS system of real estate listings, providing the opportunity to spot buying opportunities more quickly as they come to market.

6.) Because Ron work as a REALTOR® full time he has developed, and continues to develop a full network of services to assist my clients when they are buying or selling residential real estate. These include finance & legal specialists, builders, designers, tradespeople, property managers, moving and logistics companies, building inspectors and others. Ron does not solicit finders fees for any of the professional references provided to my clients.

7.) Finally, Ron makes every effort to listen carefully to your needs and work towards your best outcome in any real estate situation. He cares.