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Here is a useful article about using colour to effectively stage your home for sale.


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Other Real Estate Market Information & Statistics

The video podcasts below can help put a recent historical context to Greater Vancouver residential real estate market movement.

October 2016 Housing Market Update video podcast (REBGV Statistics)

July 2016 Housing Market Update video podcast (REBGV Statistics)

June 2015 Housing Market Update video podcast (REBGV Statistics)

February 2015 Housing Market Update video podcast (REBGV Statistics)

2014 Year End Housing Market Update video podcast (REBGV Statistics)

January 2014 Housing Market Update video podcast (REBGV Statistics)

Contact Ron to get access to past month's archives of his monthly Real Estate Market Update. The topics are always different, relevant and informative. Your impressions and feedback are always encouraged and welcomed, here. Thank you for continuing to visit. Please bookmark this site for future reference and information recall.

TIP: Know What's Going On Around You

  1. Protect your private information. Beware of real estate solicitors who promise 'exclusive' free information on their web sites or through the mail, in exchange for your contact information. Only give your contact information to a real estate professional you are comfortable with, and with whom you are prepared to work with. Clearly establish 'your' criteria for the use of 'your' contact information. Preferably, contact a realty professional yourself to discuss your needs. Use your intuition and look for someone who is willing to take the time to build your trust and make you comfortable through conversation and performance.

  2. Engage the process of selling your current home, or searching for a new home. Once you have found a trusted Realtor® to represent your interests it should become an enjoyable experience for you. Envision your anticipated outcome, measure your expectations with realistic and reliable market information and make decisions based on up-to-date information and knowledge-based advice.

  3. Move forward while selling or buying, towards a positive outcome with reliable representation. Get the combination of Ron Friesen and Macdonald Realty Ltd. working for you.


. . . Know what’s going on around you, cont'd.

The right real estate agent provides you with an advantage in the real estate market. Which questions best address your situation and objectives in real estate?

  • Explain the leaky condo issue in today's terms.
  • Home purchase financing options and advantages.
  • Understand how to access the benefits and engage the challenges found in the BC Strata Act.
  • When you are selling, your real estate agent is your marketing manager - the person responsible to develop and execute a marketing plan for your home and property - what are their marketing credentials and experience?
  • You decide who you will trust. Once you have the information trust yourself to make a good decision. You will find the real estate agent who is willing and able to openly discuss the challenges and opportunities to most effectively market your property for sale. Follow your instincts.

When you are SELLING REAL ESTATE you want to understand how your property measures up to comparable properties, especially in terms of desirability to current active buyers. How has the property performed historically in the real estate market? What are the influences resulting in certain purchasers paying a particular price for your property? Call me to learn more.

When you are BUYING REAL ESTATE you want to understand not only the real value of a particular house, but the taxes and operating costs, neighborhood characteristics, level of maintenance, charges against title, hidden costs of closing and many other details, all within the context of similar desirable alternative properties available for sale. Call me to learn more.

Call me at any time with your questions and ideas.

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